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  • Dec, 2019

    Signing a MOU for “the development of a sepsis patient monitoring system using AI and WRS biomarker”

    Develop new diagnostic technology using artificial intelligence and WRS biomarkers through global research and development collaboration

    • - International Consortium, (South Korea) JW Bioscience, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation, (Austria) Symptoma GmbH
    • - Eureka Network Project, Network Projects are market-driven innovative R&D projects, devised and run by an international consortium.
  • Mar, 2018

    Technology transfer to JW holdings from Yonsei University. (Biomarker for pancreatic cancer diagnosis)

    Joint research with Yonsei Proteome research center, Yonsei University (Professor Baek Yunggi)

    Joint research with Clinical statistics analysts of Harvard University

    Patent are granted (Japan (Jul. 2018) / China (Jan. 2019) / Europe (Jun. 2019) / US (Jan. 2020))of early diagnosis technology of pancreatic cancer.

    Presented in special sessions of Human Proteome Organization, HUPO(Sep, 2019)

    Yonsei Proteome research center

    • - Asia's first proteome research institute (established in 1999), selected as one of the world's top 10 research institutes (official data for 2009)
  • May, 2016

    Technology transfer to JW Bioscience from Medicinal Bioconvergence research center (Biocon), Seoul national University (Sepsis Biomarker)

    Clinical research conducted by St. Mary's Hospital(Seoul) and Severance Hospital(Sinchon)

    Joint development of new POCT(point of care testing) immunoassay analyzer for biomarker measurement (will be released in 2020)

    Medicinal Bioconvergence Research center (Biocon)

    • - Established as one of the Global Frontier projects by the Ministry of science, ICT and future planning
    • - Aiming world’s first and best target factory that systematically translate original science and technology to new therapy and diagnosis for future medicinal