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  • 2023
    • Feb. Obtainment of the patents for 2 types of WRS biomarker-specific binding antibodies
    • Feb. Secured a initial production contract and global distribution rights of ‘JWELICS Q6’
    • Jan. Signed a transfer contract of the rights to 12 nutritional infusion solutions
    • Jan. Signed a transfer contract of the medical device business unit with JW Pharmaceutical
  • 2022
    • Feb. Signed the MOU with Micro-Digital for high-sensitivity on-site diagnostic analyzer ‘JWELICS Q6’
  • 2021
    • Sep. Signed a non-cxclusive license agreement with Immunovia(Sweden) for the patent 'diagnostic biomarker of pancreatic cancer'
    • Aug. World's 1st Europeon&Chinese patent registration of diagnostic technique for sepsis
    • Jan. Equity invesrment to 'Onebiomed', a Singapore molecular diagnostic company
  • 2020
    • Dec. Merged as a subsidiary in JW Life-Science
    • Feb. Obtainment of a US patent for an early diagnosis technology of pancreatic cancer
    • Jul. Obtainment of the patents for a diagnosis technology of septicemia both in US and Japan
  • 2019
    • Oct. Exclusive supply contract with JEOL biochemical equipment
  • 2018
    • Nov. Launched SANGRAY, the first X-ray blood irradiator in Korea
    • Sep. Released steam sterilizers JW-SS360, JW-SS270
    • Mar. Early detection of pancreatic cancer "Multiple biomarker diagnostic kit" Technology transfer contract signed (Yonsei University)
  • 2016
    • May. Signed a contract for early diagnosis of sepsis infection technology transfer ((Re)Pharmaceutical Bioconvergence Research Group)
    • Apr. Established JW Bioscience