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JW Bioscience is leading the localization and advancement of medical devices

We have localized a wide range of medical devices such as digital X-ray machines with state-of-the-art feature, LED surgical lights, incubators, operating tables and examination tables. Also, we have acquired CE and ISO certifications in recognition of our excellent products and technologies, and have been spurring our efforts to expand into and firmly establish ourselves in the overseas markets.
Moreover, we manufacture and supply a wide variety of medical devices for the purpose of examining, treating and operating on patients including the diagnostic reagent equipment necessary for various examinations and diagnoses.

Independently Developed Medical Devices

Overseas expansion with Domestic Technologies

We at JW Bioscience developed the LED surgical lights and digital X-ray equipment based on our own technological power and ceaseless research to stop relying on imported equipment. Incubators, Operating tables, Surgical lights manufactured by JW Bioscience have received the European CE certifications in recognition of their quality and technological level that meet the international standards. These devices are being exported extensively throughout the world including China, Europe and the Middle East.

Diagnostic and Reagent Equipment


Improving the Healthcare Environment by Supplying
Essential Medical Equipment

Based on our partnerships with the leading medical device manufacturers overseas, we supply medical equipment necessary for every stages of medical services from diagnosis to treatment. We offer automated biochemistry analyzers and automated immunoassay analyzers that are employed at the departments of Laboratory Medicine and Diagnostic Pathology and Blood Collection Lab.