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User’s agreement for privacy policy

JW Bioscience shall not use private information provided by the customers for purposes other than for the purpose of relevant services.

Items of personal information collected and collection method

  • A. Items of personal information collected when providing consultation services for customer support and
    collection method
    • (1) Collection items
      • (a) Compulsory items: Name, e-mail address, telephone number
    • (2) Collection Method
      • (a) Users have to personally input the information in the personal information declaration spaces provided
        in order to use services such as customer consultation.

Collection of private information and purpose of usage

JW Bioscience collects the following personal information for the following purposes.

  • A. For self-verification and personal identification process to allow the use of services such as customer
    consultation : Name, e-mail
  • B. For securing smooth communication path such as notifications and handling complaints:
    E-mail, telephone number
  • C. For prevention of unlawful usage, unauthorized usage, and analysis of connection frequency or statistics on
    member’s usage of service : Connection log, IP Address

Sharing and provision of personal information collected

JW Bioscience shall not provide your personal information to any third party in principle.
However, the following exceptions apply.

  • A. In case the user has agreed in advance
  • B. In case it is required by law or an investigation institute pursuant to procedures and methods stipulated in
    the Act for investigation purposes
  • C. In case there is a request according to procedures stipulated in other relevant Acts

Consignment of handling personal information

JW Bioscience shall not consign your personal information to any third party companies without your consent.
In case there is a need to do so in the future, the contents of the consignment works will be notified to you to obtain your consent.

Possession and usage period of personal information collected

  • A. Your personal information shall be disposed after the purpose of collection and usage of personal
    information has been achieved. However, it might be required to possess the information for a certain
    period of time in the cases as below.
    • (1) In case the relevant information is possessed for 3 months after termination of usage provisions in order
      to prevent reoccurrences of delinquent members
    • (2) In case it is required to preserve it in accordance with other laws such as law related to consumer
      protection of e-commerce (6 months)