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Declaration on Compliance Management

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JW Medical strives to become a trustworthy corporate that is responsible for the healthy future of citizens based on transparent and fair management.
JW Medical wishes to become a corporate that would grow together with customers, executives and employees by contributing to the development of healthcare industry.
Therefore, JW Medical enacts the Code of Conduct for compliance and ethical management based on proper acts and value judgment that all executives and employees should abide by and declare the will to achieve them.
  1. 01One
    We shall realize customer priority by thinking from the perspectives of the customers at all times.
  2. 02Two
    We shall autonomically comply with all related laws including laws related to Pharmacy Law, Exclusive Regulation and Fair Trade with regards to executing the businesses and works and shall not engage in acts that violate them.
  3. 03Three
    We shall compete in fair and transparent methods with competitors and shall actively cooperate in common obligations for the development of industry and for the health of mankind..
  4. 04Four
    All executives and employees shall strive towards sound and happy career by mutually accepting and respecting the dignity and value of human.
  5. 05Five
    The executives and employees shall execute the work at their best with passion based on utmost good faith and shall lead innovation at work.
  6. 06Six
    We shall protect the investment income of shareholders by realizing sound profits through effective management.
  7. 07Seven
    We shall actively train and support the executives and employees in competence development and create a healthy working environment where passionate and competent people would feel like working.
  8. 08Eight
    We, as corporate citizen, shall contribute to regional society and strive for harmonious joint development with the regional society.
  9. 09Nine
    We shall endeavor to prevent environmental pollution and to protect nature for clean environment preservation.
  10. 10Ten
    We shall actively cooperate with the national health and medical policies and shall always put in the best efforts in promoting national health and welfare