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  • 2021
    • Oct. Hologic's Specimen X-ray "TRIDENT HD" approved by The New Health Technology Assement of Korea MFDS
  • 2020
    • Mar. Conclusion of an image diagnostic device agreement with Carestream Corporation in US
    • Mar. Signed an image diagnosis device contract with Carestream, USA
  • 2019
    • Dec. Signed a contract to transfer sales / service rights with Carestream
  • 2018
    • Oct. Signed a contract for supply of Mini C-arm with Hologic of USA
    • Jun. Entered into an exclusive distribution agreement
      with Finemedix (Korea) for Endoscopic surgical instruments
  • 2017
    • Sep. Entered into a distribution agreement with Carestream
      Health (USA) for Digital X-ray
  • 2016
    • Oct. Entered into an exclusive agreement with Hitachi (Japan)
      for Ultrasound
    • Apr. Established a new subsidiary named “JW BioScience”
    • Mar. Changed company name to “JW Medical Corporation”
  • 2015
    • Jan. Vision 70+5 Declaration
  • 2014
    • Mar. Entered into an exclusive agreement with Karl Storz (Germany)
      for Flexible endoscopy
  • 2013
    • Dec. Infant Incubator - Selected as a next-generation world-class
      product by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
  • 2012
    • Dec. Acquisition of Bioclinicalsystem Corporation
    • Jun. Office relocation to JW Tower
      (2477, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
    • Apr. Diagnostic Reagent Division joined to JW Medical
  • 2011
    • Nov. Korea's first 3D breast tomography X-ray equipment exclusively supplied in Korea
    • Jan. Changed Company name from Choongwae Medical to JW Medical
  • 2009
    • Jul. VIDIX II System(DR) are “FDA” marked
  • 2008
    • Mar. Moved Manufacturing factory to Chungju City
  • 2005
    • Jun. Establishment of JW Shinyak Corporation by corporate division
      from JW Medical Corporation
    • Oct. Merger of Daeyoo Shinyak Corporation and JW Medical
  • 2004
    • Mar. Awarded as outstanding business taxpayer by Ministry of
      Finance and Economy
  • 2002
    • Feb. Awarded for the advancement of small and medium enterprises’
      status by KBIZ
  • 2000
    • Sep. Accred "KGMP Certificate" by Korea Testing Laboratory.
  • 1998
    • Mar. Entered into the Strategic Alliance with Hitachi Medical
  • 1997
    • Sep. The infant incubator was awarded the Prime Minister's Prize
      at the 1st Korea Excellent Capital Goods Exhibition.
  • 1993
    • Apr. Choongwae Machinery Corporation and Choongwae Commercial
      Corporation were merged into Choongwae Medical Corporation
  • 1992
    • Apr. Choongwae Machinery Corporation succeeded in developing the
      remote X-ray system
  • 1989
    • Jun. Developed the first domestic incubator in Korea
  • 1987
    • Sep. Choongwae Commercial Corporation entered into an exclusive
      distribution agreement with Olympus (Japan)
    • Jun. Construction of Yongin Plant of Choongwae
      Commercial Corporation
  • 1986
    • Jan. Construction and relocation of Headquarter 
      (698 Shindaebang-dong, Donjak-gu, Seoul)
  • 1984
    • Nov. Choongwae Commercial Corporation was awarded the
      "Minister of Finances Credit" for its good management.
    • Feb. Choongwae Machinery Corporation was authorized as a
      "Special Domestic Producing Enterprise for the Newest Medical
      Equipment" by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Korea
      (for the brain CT and other 24 items).
  • 1982
    • Nov. The name Choongwae Commercial Corporation was changed
      to the Choongwae Commercial Corporation.
    • Oct. The name Choongwae Machinery Corporation was changed
      to the Choongwae Machinery Corporation.
    • Jun. Choongwae Machinery Corporation successfully developed
      precision medical equipment such as operating lights,
      operation tables, OB/GYN tables and suction pumps.
  • 1977
    • Jul. Establishment of company : Choongwae Machinery Corporation
  • 1976
    • Feb. Entered into the technical cooperation and distributorship
      agreement with HITACHI MEDICO of Japan
  • 1972
    • Oct. Establishment of company : Daehan Choongwae
      Commercial Corporation