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Join us as we take you on a journey to a long and healthy life!

JW Medical, a company operating under JW Group with a 70-year history, has been leading the localization of essential medical devices, and contributing to the advancements made in the healthcare sector in Korea by supplying advanced medical equipment manufactured by outstanding companies from abroad.

Improve Medical Environment through supplying essential Medical Equipment

JW Medical is leading the way in improvement of medical environment in Korea by supplying high quality cutting edge essential medical equipment and offering customized healthcare service that meets customers’ needs.
Especially, JW medical has a diverse range of diagnostic imaging equipment portfolio, which includes the MRI, CT, Fluoroscopy, Movable Digital X-ray, Ultrasound.

No.1 Partner in the Domestic Medical Imaging Diagnosis Business

JW Medical, the No.1 partner in the domestic medical imaging diagnosis business, will strive to respond to rapid market changes through a paradigm shift in business. It will expand the market beyond hardware to software and service areas, establish a business model for the entire solution area of medical imaging diagnosis, improve its existing customer-centered business structure, and continue to secure strategic partnerships. In addition, it will capture the patient-centered market through the market network of the entire JW Group, continuously expanding its customer base. Through its nationwide service network and technological capabilities in various products, it will increase market value and strive to establish an efficient service environment. In particular, JW Medical aims to lead the medical imaging diagnosis market by increasing early cancer diagnosis rates, supporting accurate diagnoses, and improving the quality of treatment.