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JW Medical is leading the localization of medical devices in Korea.

Our partnership with advanced medical devices coupled with advanced medical devices is contributing to early diagnosis and early treatment of health care through early diagnosis and early treatment of medical devices.

Improve Medical Environment through Medical Equipment Supply

We have accumulated excellent technology and know-how in medical device field of medical devices in the field of health care, JW Medical, strives to continue the best advanced diagnostic imaging equipment in the world, including the world's first three-dimensional digital breast scanners, high-quality MRI and advanced high-definition imaging and advanced high-definition imaging in the world. It is also positioning itself as an imaging tool for diagnostic imaging equipment with diagnostic and therapeutic products.

Entering overseas markets with pure domestic technology

JW Bioscience, a subsidiary, has developed a variety of medical devices such as surgical Light LED, digital X-ray, operating table, Incubator, and Examination screen, and obtained FDA, CE, UL and ISO certification. We are accelerating the market entry. In addition, we develop, produce, and supply various medical equipments required for examination, treatment, treatment and operation of patients as well as diagnostic reagents and equipment for various tests and diagnoses.

Updated: 17th March, 2014

License In
Region Company Licensed Products
Japan Chugai Ulcermin®, Neutrogin®, Sigmart® Tab., Sigmart® Inj., Alfarol®, Actemra, etc.
Kissei Thrupas®, Glufast®, Xanbon®, Rizaben®, Domenan®, Dia-M®, 12 types of JWansimfood
Sanwa Adelavin 9®, Argamate® Jelly
Mitsubishi Tanabe Surfacten®, Zepeed®
Senju Senju CL®, Frenz® Eye Drop Series
Meiji Habekacin®
Kowa Livalo®
EN Otsuka Encover®
Vifor Ferrum Plus®, Ferrum Pola®, Ferrum Mate®, Ferrum Kid®, Hemoforce®, Venoferrum®, Ferinject®
Helsinn Mesulid®
Roche Recormon®
Shire Fosrenol®
Serumwerkhire DiacartTM
America Abbott Ganaton®, Duphalac®, Dumirox®, Femoston®, Duspatalin®
AbbVie Forane®
Valeant Tambocor®
Middle East Teva Provigil®
Korea Dongkook Julian®